Who is OxySure?

OxySure Therapeutics, Inc. (formerly OxySure Systems, Inc., "OxySure") is the world leader in short duration/emergency duration medical oxygen and respiratory solutions for mass market use. Based in Texas, USA the company develops, manufactures and sells a safe and easy to use solution to produce medically pure oxygen from two dry inert, proprietary powders. OxySure has numerous patents issued and pending on this proprietary process and methodology that is revolutionizing the emergency/short duration oxygen supply marketplace. With this technology, oxygen is generated on demand. There is no storage of oxygen. There are no compressed tanks, no dials, no valves, no regulatory maintenance, no hydrostatic testing, no batteries, no required training, and none of the hazards associated with traditional oxygen provision systems.

OxySure makes the delivery devices lighter, safer, more affordable and easier to use. OxySure improves access to emergency oxygen that affects the survival, recovery and safety of individuals in several areas of need: (1) Public and private places and settings where medical emergencies can occur; (2) Individuals at risk for cardiac, respiratory or general medical distress needing immediate help prior to emergency medical care arrival; and (3) Those requiring immediate protection and escape from exposure situations or oxygen-deficient situations in industrial, mining, military, or other "Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health” (IDLH) environments.

OxySure’s launch product using this technology is the OxySure Model 615, a portable emergency oxygen device for lay person use. Model 615 bridges the gap between the onset of a medical emergency and the time first responders arrive on the scene. For the first time in history a lay rescuer – a bystander or loved one – can administer medical oxygen during those first, critical minutes after an emergency occurs, improving outcomes and saving lives in the process. Since its launch into the market place, the product has already been used in many thousands of saves of people in various types of medical emergencies.

What is our history?

In December 2005 we received FDA approval for our first product, the OxySure Model 615. Our FDA approval is for over the counter sale, without the need for a prescription. In early 2004 our company was accepted as a program company at the highly prestigious North Texas Enterprise Center for Medical Technology (NTEC). We were the first company to graduate from his prestigious medical technology accelerator in 2005. In October 2007 we moved into our new, purpose built production facility and headquarters in Frisco, Texas.         

We started our sales efforts in the K-12 education market, and currently our products are in schools and school districts in over 40 states in the US. We subsequently moved into colleges, universities, churches, commercial buildings and manufacturing facilities. Outside the United States our products are being rapidly adopted in numerous countries, as the value proposition becomes clear. Model 615 is a natural companion product for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). However, it can also be pre-positioned next to fire extinguishers or by itself, ready to be used in any medical emergency.

Who are we?

Please see "our Boards, Management Team and Advisors" in the Corporate Governance area of this site.

Where do we manufacture?

  We manufacture our products in accordance with ISO 13485 in a purpose built, state of the art facility in Frisco, Texas, USA.

How do we sell?

OxySure has a team of Territory Sales Managers situated all across the US who handle corporate and strategic accounts. In addition, we have numerous distribution partners in the emergency medical, EMS, first aid, safety and MRO markets, both in the US and internationally. Examples include premier distribution partnerships such as Systemax, School Health, Amazon, Drugstore.com, and more.

Does OxySure have FDA clearance?

Yes, the OxySure Model 615 is cleared by the US Food & Drug Administration for over the counter sale, no prescription required. Model 615 is a Class II medical device, 510(K) number K052396. The product has also received CE Marking approval for sale in Europe.

Has OxySure and Model 615 been recognized in any way?

Yes, a few of our accolades include:

2015 Top 5 Fastest Growing Companies in N. Texas
2014 USPTO / Smithsonian Innovation Expo Selectee
2011 Top Public Companies in Dallas-Fort Worth
2011 MedVentures Award
2010 Lone Star Award for Innovation in Respiratory Technology
2010 IMPACT Award
2009 As seen in Fortune magazine and on CNN.com
2008 World's Best Technologies
2008 Tech Titans Innnovations Award

Is OxySure on the GSA Schedule?

Yes, we have several products on the GSA Schedule. Contract number V797P4153B.

What other certifications and registrations do we have?

While this list is not exhaustive, we are approved by: (i) US Department of Transportation (DOT); (ii) ANVISA in Brazil; (iii) United Nations; and (iv) Various States and Cities.

As a potential distributor or alliance, why should you partner with OxySure?

First Mover Advantage

OxySure pioneered its technology and is the first to commercialize it. OxySure is first to market and has made significant strides in establishing its market position.

Patented Technology

OxySure’s technology is protected by a robust portfolio of patents and patents pending. These patents help ensure that the company maintains a durable competitive advantage.

Recurring Revenue Model

Model 615 has a reusable housing and a replaceable cartridge. The cartridge requires replacing after each use or upon expiry of the shelf life, whichever happens first. Over time, this results in recurring revenues for the company and its partners and greater earnings predictability for investors.

Enormous End User Markets

In the short to medium term, the market for OxySure’s Model 615 is at least as large as the markets for AEDs (current installed base is in excess of approx. 2 million units in the US, 3 million worldwide), and in the long term the market is as large as that of fire extinguishers (every business and every home, in excess of 100 million units in the US alone, in excess of 500 million units worldwide). End markets include educational facilities, manufacturing facilities, recreational vehicles, restaurants, OSHA compliant buildings, U.S. government buildings and any other private or public place where people are at risk of any medical emergency.

FDA cleared

OxySure’s Model 615 is cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter (OTC) sale, without the need of a prescription.

Additional Vertical Markets

OxySure’s technology allows it to develop much needed solutions in the future for other vertical markets such as mining, aviation, sports & recreation, wound care and skin care.